Non Slip Shower Coatings

Importance of Non Slip Shower Coatings for your Bathroom

Bathing small children, can be a handful task, as babies love to play in the tub, and are mostly seen crawling around the bathroom in an attempt to get close to their toys and additional stuff that is lying around. This becomes very risky for them as the bathroom floor is mostly wet with water spills during the bathing session and therefore tends to get very slippery. Some of us may even leave them in the bathtub, hoping that they would be safe there, while we take a look at a few additional  household chores, without even realizing that this could prove to be fatal if the child tries to crawl his way through the bathtub and trips over to the bathroom floor.

Thanks to Non-Slip Shower Coatings, with the help of which now you can avoid most kinds of accidents within your bathroom. Whether your family includes senior citizens or young children, Non-slip shower coatings would ensure maximum safety from most kinds of slips and trips on the wet bathroom floors. By spraying a permanent epoxy slip proof coating, on the surface of the shower area, as well as the bathtub, non slip shower coatings would increase friction on a slippery area and thereby help in maintaining a good grip while you move around.

One very important aspect of this technique would be to follow the directions very carefully during the application process of these coatings. If your bathroom floor isn’t protected with good quality non slip shower coatings, its effects are very likely to wear out sooner than you think. Hence it is absolutely essential that you research on the best quality shower coatings that are available in the market before you purchase the one that would be apt for your bathroom.

Slipgard Clients

Slipgard Non slip tile treatment is use by Hamilton Island, Royal Pines Resort, Sea World, Ashmore Council, Brisbane City Council, Bond University, Dream World, Mobil to create safe non slip tiles where tiles are used in public areas as well as safe anti slip tiled work areas.
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