General Anti Slip Floor Treatments

Various Types of Anti Slip Floor Treatments for safeguarding surfaces

Anti Slip Floor Treatments have become very popular these days , due to their ability to prevent injuries caused due to accidental slipping and tripping over wet, and greasy surfaces, Certain kinds of floorings tend to get slippery even when they are dry. Proper application of these treatments not only ensures increased slip resistance level but also improves the texture of your original surface without any visible side effects. Basically there are 3 different types of Anti slip Floor Treatments that you can use for your surface namely: Micro etching, Polyurethane, and Penetrating Sealers.

While Micro etching would give maximum benefits on granite, porcelain or tiles, by creating a non slip surface for increasing grip, polyurethane is Anti Slip floor coating to give a strong scratch resistant texture to the surface that avoids any kinds of slips and trips. Penetrating Sealers on the other hand are excellent in preventing slippery surfaces on floorings such as natural stones, tiles and pavers. It also helps in removal of stains and water damage, in addition to providing a non slip surface.

Whichever kind of Anti slip floor treatment you choose for safeguarding your surface, you need to be sure that it is compatible with your existing flooring so that you do not end up damaging your current floor instead of making it slip resistant. These treatments are very cost effective and need highly permanent as compared to other temporary measures to avoid slippery surfaces like dry mats and bath mats. Dry mats and bath mats needs constant change on a timely basis as they tend to develop bacteria within themselves and wear out due to regular usage, but these treatments need to be undertaken on your existing floors, for their permanent anti slip results.

Switching over to these Anti slip Floor Treatments are therefore a safer choice than any other option for avoiding slipping incidents.

Slipgard Clients

Slipgard Non slip tile treatment is use by Hamilton Island, Royal Pines Resort, Sea World, Ashmore Council, Brisbane City Council, Bond University, Dream World, Mobil to create safe non slip tiles where tiles are used in public areas as well as safe anti slip tiled work areas.
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