Bathroom Safety

In 2005 an estimated 66,800 people aged 65 years and older in Australia were hospitalized due to a fall. In Queensland alone, at least one in four older people have a fall each year, in which over 30% will require medical attention.

These statistics are alarming and are on an increasing trend. However most falls are predictable and can be easily prevented through the implementation of environmental interventions. With the majority of falls recorded at home due to slipping, tripping or stumbling on the same ground level, addressing slippery surfaces is an important step to providing a safe environment in your house. Slipgard Anti Slip treatment provides a quick and easy ‘do it yourself’ preventative solution.

Independent tests performed by NATA Queensland Government Accredited Laboratory showed that tiles treated with Slipgard Anti Slip treatment had their slip resistance increased to 20% above the safety levels recommended under the Australian standard for surfaces (AS/NZ 366.1). Since 2002, Slipgard Anti Slip treatment has been Queensland Home Assist Secure preferred anti-slip product.

Hospitalizations due to falls including follow-up care cause financial burden and hardship for individuals, families and the broader community. Slipgard Anti Slip treatment is an easy, cost-effective solution to provide a safe non-slip environment.

Whilst slip mats and strips are often perceived to be a cheap alternative, these products need to be replaced regularly. Slipgard Anti Slip treatment provides a quality non-slip surface for up to five years. Better still with Slipgard Anti Slip treatment there are NO fungal or bacterial problems as there are with slip mats and strips.

We have been manufacturing simple to use and easy to apply cleaning and anti slip product for over 10 years. That’s why our outstanding product has made us the market leader in home safety.

For commercial and industrial use or further information about Slipgard Anti Slip treatment please contact us.

Slipgard Clients

Slipgard Non slip tile treatment is use by Hamilton Island, Royal Pines Resort, Sea World, Ashmore Council, Brisbane City Council, Bond University, Dream World, Mobil to create safe non slip tiles where tiles are used in public areas as well as safe anti slip tiled work areas.
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