Anti Slip Tile Treatments

Optimum safety for your bathroom and kitchen tiles

Anti slip Tile treatments are highly efficient in preventing injuries that are caused due to wet tiles, which are easily slipped and tripped over. It has been estimated that increasing number of people, including children are seriously hurt physically due to accidental slipping over wet bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles tend to get wet and remain wet for a long time due to water splashes during the bathing session. Adults and even children sometimes slip over wet bathroom tiles thereby suffering serious injuries which can be easily avoided by application of one of the various kinds of Anti Slip tile treatments that are available in the market today. There are many companies that offer these treatments with their unique anti slip features. Specific kinds of treatments are designed for specific kinds of flooring; hence you have to be very careful in making the right kind of selection in terms of a suitable anti slip treatment for your existing floor. A Good quality treatment would always ensure that the existing appearance of your tiles is not affected as a side effect of these treatments.

Similarly the kitchen tiles too tend to get slippery due to oil drops and additional liquid ingredients that are sometimes accidentally scattered on the kitchen floor. Due to their immensely useful benefits in providing optimum safety against slippage and tripping , these treatments are preferred not just by households, but also for commercial use in public places like bathrooms, lobby, entry ways, kitchen, pool decks etc of malls, restaurants hotels, and office buildings. With so many choices of anti slip treatments available in the market, you need to be selective in terms of choosing a good quality anti slip treatment which is compatible with your tile flooring. Proper application of Anti slip tile treatment on your floor is equally important for optimum results and durability.

Slipgard Clients

Slipgard Non slip tile treatment is use by Hamilton Island, Royal Pines Resort, Sea World, Ashmore Council, Brisbane City Council, Bond University, Dream World, Mobil to create safe non slip tiles where tiles are used in public areas as well as safe anti slip tiled work areas.
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