Anti Slip Floor Treatment Benefits

Anti Slip floor Treatments provide safety against slippery surfaces, thereby reducing the chances of injury caused due to accidental tripping over wet and dry areas of the floor. Depending on the kind of existing floors you have, you can choose amongst a variety of Anti Slip Floor treatments that are currently available in the market manufactured by different companies. The basic benefit of Anti Slip floor treatments is to provide sufficient grip to the surface thereby preventing any kind of mishaps caused due to slipping or tripping on it. In addition to these benefits you would also be able to have that perfect shine and luster to your existing surface. The fact that these treatments effectively work on all kinds of surfaces like tiles, terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, concrete etc. makes it even more productive for use. This means that you could not only be able to use the benefits of these treatments to make your indoor surface safer but also your outdoor flooring as well.

Some people are skeptical of using such treatments, as they think that Anti slip flooring treatments would damage the texture of their existing surface. But this is not true. By using these treatments you would notice that there are no visible changes to damage your existing flooring. In fact it adds up to the beauty of your floors by giving it an even brighter appearance. It works equally well on wet, dry or greasy surfaces The only aspect that would need special attention would be proper application of these Anti slip floor treatments in order to guarantee maximum durability for a longer time.

Anti slip floor Treatments are preferred all around the world not just by home owners, but also small/large scale businesses for increasing the slip resistance level of their floorings.

Slipgard Clients

Slipgard Non slip tile treatment is use by Hamilton Island, Royal Pines Resort, Sea World, Ashmore Council, Brisbane City Council, Bond University, Dream World, Mobil to create safe non slip tiles where tiles are used in public areas as well as safe anti slip tiled work areas.
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